Since our humble beginnings in the mid 1990’s, Turning Leaf has and continues to be a family owned and operated organization.

In 1995, Co-founders Sami Sr. and Rachel Al Jallad, RN set out to create a network of community based residential programs and treatment services that would support individuals’ journey towards recovery and independence. Having served as a Registered Nurse within inpatient psychiatric settings, Rachel Al Jallad gained a first-hand appreciation for the importance of holistic behavioral health services that would help people achieve and maintain natural supports while reducing the need for hospitalization. Sami Al Jallad Sr., with expertise in both creating and leading multifamily and commercial real estate management companies, was well positioned from an operational perspective to complement Rachel’s person centered clinical insights.  More important than their respective disciplines, Sami Sr., Rachel and their three children worked together to create a family-like atmosphere; to make meaningful change in the lives of the persons served. From cooking family style meals, celebrating holidays and milestones or experiencing the excitement of day trips around the state of Michigan; the Al Jallad’s have been there. From the beginning, Turning Leaf has been a labor of love; a family endeavor.

In 2003, Sami Sr. and Rachel’s son, Sami W. Al Jallad transitioned into the role of Executive Director after having served within various direct care, operational, and administrative positions within the organization. Having served within the family business environment from a relatively young age along with education in business and health care administration, Sami W. made a natural commitment to continue the work of positively impacting the lives of the people served by Turning Leaf. Since assuming the position of Executive Director, Sami W. Al Jallad  has sought and achieved the organization’s first CARF accreditation, expansion of the scope of best-practice treatment services offered, and the strengthening of the recovery continuum through the addition of multiple apartment and residential programs throughout the State of Michigan.

In the spirit of carrying forward the tradition of the husband and wife team, since 2011 Sami W. is pleased to be supported by his wife, Destiny Saucedo-Al Jallad in the position of Access Manager. Prior to joining the Turning Leaf family team, Destiny’s expertise was in the field of school and community psychology; having held multiple positions within the State of Michigan Department of Human Services, Oakland County Probate and most recently as a School Psychologist in a local Lansing-area school district. 

Initially, the goal was to create a community where individuals with behavioral health needs could live with as much or as little support as necessary, and have access to the types of services that nurture the psychosocial rehabilitation process. As time has progressed, Turning Leaf has evolved and adapted in many ways but one thing has remained the same: Turning Leaf, to include the Al Jallad family along with the very important people who we employ, are supremely committed to ensuring that the people who we support are treated as FAMILY.     

This belief, to treat individuals and stakeholders as family, continues to guide and shape the relationships that we form with the people that we serve, the people that we employ, and our many community stakeholders. Almost twenty years later, we are confident of this fact as evidenced by the countless number of lives that we have impacted and stakeholder relationships that we have developed over the years.   


The Al Jallad Family

M. Sami Al Jallad Sr., CEO & Co-founder                 Rachel M. Al Jallad, RN & Co-founder

Sami W. Al Jallad, MPA Executive Director               Destiny A. Saucedo-Al Jallad, MA Access Manager